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our services

My Landmark delivers world-class asset management services to our clients.

Buying and Selling Properties
Buying and Selling Properties

To find a desired property in the real estate industry is not an easy task. Buying and selling of any real estate property is a strenuous affair and can be very demanding interms of time, energy, market research, etc. Understanding this exasperating task, our experts work to streamline all your real estate requirements.

We provide expert knowledge of domestic and international property markets. Albeit, our main target remains Bangalore. The in-depth knowledge and skills we accumulated over the years in real estate business, gives us the edge to deliver the best marketing solutions across the broadest range of real estate properties. Whether you wish to maximize the value of a property that you're selling, or buy property in the most cost-effective way, our team of experts are ever ready to help.

Real-Estate Investment
Real-Estate Investment

From purchase, ownership, management, and sale of real estate for profit, we help our esteemed clients create and maximize their real estate investments. Breaking the myth of real estate as risky investments, at My Landmark our team of real estate experts have been delivering measurable results for over seven years. After an extensive market research, we offer our clients the best real estate investment solutions in:

  • Commercial properties for sales/leasing
  • Residential properties for sales/leasing
  • Condominium Management
  • Real Estate Development & Project Management
  • Residential and Commercial Property Management
  • Consultation on real estate property tax
  • Real Estate Investing using your IRA or Retirement Accounts
  • Asset Management
    Asset Management

    My Landmark delivers world-class asset management services to our clients. Our approach is based on international and local experiences within the real estate developments. To increase our client's return on investment, our investment management strategies cater to:

  • Investment in real estate fund
  • Look for investment proposal on real estate assets/vehicles
  • Outline your investment strategy
  • Find investment partners
  • Assist in structuring and manage your vehicle
  • Identify medium and long-term market trends
  • Enhance your property value and stream of revenues
  • Broaden your existing horizons with long-term real estate investment vehicles
  • Analyze real estate market facts to support your decisions
  • Home Loan Services
    Home Loan Services

    My Landmark is your best local home loan services expert. We specialize in personalized home loan services depending on your requirements. Be it purchasing a new home or purchasing a new commercial property, we do it all for you, without the typical bureaucratic complications. With more than seven years of experience, we provide a wide range of Home Loan Services such as:

  • Allowing you to choose from numerous options. We work and partner with multiple banks and lenders.
  • We get all your legal work done faster.
  • We analyze wholesale mortgage rates from different banks and lenders all at once.
  • Guide you to get the best home loans after a thorough market examination.
  • We are less bureaucratic. We save a lot of your time and energy.
  • Ours is a client inclusive approach. Therefore, we are more transparent and accountable.
  • Legal Services
    Legal Services

    At My Landmark, any real estate disputes are handled for you. All real estate related disputes such as illegal possession, property disputes between home buyers, real estate agents, brokers and builders are handled. We partner with several legal aid firms. Contact us for any solutions on:

  • Consultation in Real Estate or immovable property.
  • Legal advise on property matters such as real estate finance, building contracts,mortgage deeds, lease deeds, charges and lien on immoveable property, title investigation and title opinion.
  • Consultation on commercial lease, industrial lease and retail space lease.
  • All kinds of consultation on property law.
  • Interior Design Services
    Interior Design Services

    Interior design is an art. Your choice of home and the way you decorate it reflects your personality and your lifestyle. Being in the real estate business for over more than seven years, we have also partnered with the best interior designers. Hire us to give the interior of your homes a new definition. We undertake all kinds of interior designs such as:

  • Residential interior designing-Villas, Bungalow and Apartment. We also cater to selective areas for interior designs such as living room, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, indoor/outdoor areas, home office, staircase designs etc.
  • Commercial interior designing-Office interior, retail stores, restaurants, hotel designs, resorts, community centre and any other establishments.